Register to participate in Youth Events Workshops "Against the Current" - September 22-24

Workshops for graffiti painting, painting on glass, painting on textiles, making prefabricated boats - Youth events "Against the current" have also prepared some quiet games for big... talents. It can't only be concerts and WOW-AAA!

If you are one of those people whose hands constantly itch to do something, or others whose fine motor skills lack a "fine" setting - then you are the right person.

Email us at  or write us a message on Facebook to reserve a place in the workshops.

Not that we won't take you if you come straight and the seats are free, but you run the risk of the last minute playing a bad joke on you and all you can do is watch.

So - write to us!

The workshops are not directed and not suitable for young children!

See the full program of the event, the days and times of the workshops, on Facebook. Click on "I will attend", invite friends too!



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