What to do together with the Youth Center - Gabrovo on October 1

The first day of October is a day in which many things happen. It is World Music Day, Poetry Day, Elderly Day, Architects Day, World Hepatitis Day, Vegetarian Day, and World Coffee Day.

On October 1, our program is also full of events:

First, from 9:30 a.m., on "Vazrazhdane" Square, the Youth Center - Gabrovo will participate with its tent in In October with a cause - #IRunForaCause. For the second year in a row, our center will support the campaign of Foundation "Community to help addicts" and Therapeutic Center "St. Ilia".

"The campaign aims to increase public awareness of the problem of addiction, which will also contribute to changing attitudes towards people with addictions and overcoming the stigma towards them."

The great ambition of the Foundation is to obtain state support to ensure completely free access to effective addiction treatment and rehabilitation.

And from 11:11 a.m. we will all run along a route of exactly one kilometer, but together, each at his/her own pace, without competitions, without prejudices and stigmas - as it should be. These are people from whom we learned a lot - about life, about the choices we make, about taking matters into our own hands, difficulties, believing in yourself, the strength of a community and relationships within it. We are glad to be a part of it! We are waiting for you on October 1 on the square.

You can also support the foundation's activities by sending an SMS to the number 17 777 with the text DMS NEZAVISIM

#TherapeuticCenterSvetiIlia #FoundationCommunitytohelpaddicts

Also on October 1, we will participate in the construction of a house in the forest in the Gradishte area. Everyone will be able to enter and sit in it. But there is one condition before that – we have to finish and furnish it. On October 1 at 11 a.m., we will complete the final touches - will coat the house with a special coating to protect it from the weather. And for after that, we invite every single visitor to bring a book to leave in the little house and thus turn it into an even more magical place.

In this initiative, we are teaming up with the "Ot BG" foundation, which every Sunday organizes some interesting event on the meadow of Gradishte, in order to turn it into a place for meetings and sharing of various ideas and initiatives, and with the Municipal Enterprise "Blagoustroyavane", under whose skillful hands the house appeared.

We are waiting for you on Sunday at Vazrazhdane Square and Gradishte, and we believe that however you decide to spend Sunday, it will be wonderful and meaningful!


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